Friday, September 24, 2004

I never got across the Alabama line into Florida to check on Atlantis. Alabama State Troopers have blocked the exit from Alabama until further notice. This seems pretty unreasonable as the area cannot be reached from Pensacola because the roads are impassible.

Legacy Key condominium in the background, again on Old River. Posted by Hello

Broadmoor Condominium took a beating. Posted by Hello

Island Royale in pretty good shape. Posted by Hello

These houses are on Old River, again on Perdido Key, Alabama. Posted by Hello

About a 35 foot boat across the road from Cotton Bayou. Posted by Hello

More houses on Perdido Key. Posted by Hello

One of the beach houses on Perdido Key, Alabama, gutted by Ivan. Posted by Hello

In the background is what is left of the dry dock storage facility at Zeke's Landing. Most of the boats look ok. Posted by Hello

On the way to the Florida state line, this is Perdido Place, which is similar in construction to Atlantis -- looking good. Posted by Hello

Here is a clearer picture of the Flora-Bama. View is from the Gulf facing north. Water on other side of the road is Old River. Panama Mac's is across the street pass the SUV. I have a condo just east of here in Florida which I hope to visit today for the first time. Will post photos. Posted by Hello

This is the Gulf down West Beach at the bridge/cut for Little Lagoon. Posted by Hello

This is Mikee's, about two blocks north of the beach. Posted by Hello

This is the Crystal Beach condo. It is across from Hwy 161 in Orange Beach, about 1 mile south of my place, but on the Gulf itself. Built in the late 90s. I think this is about where the center of Ivan came ashore. Posted by Hello

East Beach Blvd., Gulf Shores Posted by Hello

This is a shot of Sea 'n Suds, which sticks out into the Gulf. Surprisely, it survived the storm. Posted by Hello

In the fore-front is the world famous Pink Pony Pub. It was rebuilt as it is here in 1979 after Frederic. Behind it is the new Phoenix All-Suites condominium which fared the storm well. I suspect that the Pink Pony's days are over. Posted by Hello

This is downtown Gulf Shores, two blocks north of the Gulf of Mexico. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Repeat. Posted by Hello

View of the Herbert camphouse from across the bayou. Post Ivan. Posted by Hello

Neighbor was not as lucky as I was. Posted by Hello

Large pine tree in my front yard. Bent then snapped. Posted by Hello

This is view from the back deck of my house on Buck's Bayou facing southeast, right down from Tacky Jack's. The hottub is in retreat. Pool decking is in disarray. Pool is still holding water (and a school of pin fish). Posted by Hello

This is what is left of the Flora-Bama Roadhouse on the Alabama-Florida line. http://www.florabama.comPosted by Hello

Here is my other boat, the Laissez Faire, dangling above the decking around my pool. Posted by Hello

This is my boat, the Loco-Foco, safely resting above what was my dock. Posted by Hello